AJ & PA McBride

Shao-Lu and Howick

Property Map
Location130km East of Esperance, Western Australia
Size4276 hectares
EnterprisesLeased for cropping
Annual Rainfall546.6 mm

Shao Lu and Howick stations are the remnants of the property known as Aroona, the company’s only Western Australian property which was purchased in 1965.  It has a mixture of heavy and light carrying land.  It is located near the coast, 130km East of Esperance with water mainly serviced by dams. 

In 2009, the Company made the decision to consolidate its rural holdings in South Australia and a decision was made to sell the Aroona property. The Shao-Lu block, purchased in 2003, and a small block to its south, Howick, has been retained and leased for a cropping operation.