AJ & PA McBride

Company History

Albert James McBride and his son Philip Albert Martin McBride formed AJ & PA McBride Ltd on the 22nd of July, 1920. At the time, the family owned the Faraway Hill and Braemar, Teetulpa, Yardea and Wooltana properties.   Since then, the company has steadily acquired properties, first in North West (1924) then the South East of the state (1937).   During the last forty years, the company has focused on adding to existing properties with tracts of land being purchased adjoining all properties apart from Nepowie, the station that comprises the company’s stud.   At the turn of the twenty-first century, following the collapse of the wool floor price scheme, the company has diversified its interests from a Merino wool producer to a number of agricultural, horticultural and viticultural interests.   Now in its tenth decade of operations, all shares in AJ & PA McBride are still held by descendents of the founders and the board of the company now has a director in the fifth generation of the family.